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PhD Students
Name: Afshari Behnam
Email: afshari.b At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~afshari/
Name: Baharifard Fatemeh
Email: f.baharifard At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~baharifard/
Name: Behjati Shahab
Email: shbehjati At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~behjati/
Name: Gorzin Aliasghar
Email: ali.gorzin At ipm.ir
Name: Hossein Ghorban Samira
Email: s.hosseinghorban At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~hossein-ghorban/
Name: Hoseinpour-Dehkordi Amir Houshang
Email: amir.hoseinpour At ipm.ir
Name: Qafari Manaz sadat
Email: m.s.qafari At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~qafari/
Name: Sameie Zeynab
Email: zsameie At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~sameie/
Name: Shirazi Mahmoud
Email: m.shirazi At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~shirazi/
Name: Taghavi Leila
Email: ltaghavis At ipm.ir
HomePage: http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/~taghavi/
Name: Taheri Golnaz
Email: golnazthr At ipm.ir

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