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A local approach for improving isotropy in contextual embedding spaceSingle Talk1400/04/20 Poster
Understanding deep neural networks loss landscapeSingle Talk1400/04/06 Poster
Reconstruction of an unknown function from its samplesSingle Talk1400/03/26 Poster
ZS-IL: Looking Back on Learned Experiences For Zero-Shot Incremental LearningSingle Talk1400/03/23 Poster
Progress in the Breadth: Broadening the Scope of Language UnderstandingSingle Talk1400/03/11 Poster
Deep One-Class ClassificationSingle Talk1400/03/05 Poster
9th IPM International Conference on Fundamentals of Software Engineering (FSEN 2021)Conference1400/02/29 http://fsen.ir/2021/ Poster
Multiresolution Knowledge Distillation for Anomaly DetectionSingle Talk1400/02/26 Poster
Processor Sharing Queues with Impatient Customers and State-dependent RatesSingle Talk1400/02/01 Poster
Distributed Optimization and Learning: Balancing Communication Overhead, Computational Complexity, and Convergence RateSingle Talk1400/01/25 Poster

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