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  • A paper by Dr. Sharareh Alipour titled "Approximation algorithms for probabilistic $k$-center clustering" has been accepted for publication in ICDM 2020, a top-tier data mining conference.

  • A paper by Dr. Mohammad Sadrosadati and his collaborators, titled "FIGARO: Improving System Performance via Fine-Grained In-DRAM Data Relocation and Caching" has been accepted for publication in MICRO 2020, a top-tier computer architecture conference.

  • Fourth IPM Advanced School on Computing:
    Artificial Intelligence
    22-26 August, 2020

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  • دومین کنفرانس ملی انفورماتیک ایران
    3 - 4 دی ماه 1399

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  • The CSI/CPSSI International Symposium on
    Real-Time and Embedded Systems and Technologies (RTEST 2020)
    10-11 June, 2020

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دومين كنفرانس ملي انفورماتيك ايرانConference1399/10/03 http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/nic/1399/
Leveraging DNN Approximation in ML Cloud ServicesSingle Talk1399/09/12 Poster
Decision Making in Intractive EnvironmentsSingle Talk1399/09/05 Poster
Learning Models in Scientific ComputingSingle Talk1399/08/28 Poster
Network of Caches a way to enhance network’s performanceSingle Talk1399/08/21 Poster
Medical Image SegmentationSingle Talk1399/08/14 Poster
Fairness, Abstention, and LCSSingle Talk1399/08/07 Poster
Simultaneous Power Reduction and Aging Mitigation in ProcessorsSingle Talk1399/07/22 Poster
Detection of Monomorphic Nodes in Large Graphs to Improve Privacy of Users in Online Social NetworksSingle Talk1399/06/26 Poster
The Fourth IPM Advanced School on Computing: Artificial IntelligenceCourse1399/06/01 http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/asoc2020/

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