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The Third International Conference on Distributed Computing and High-Performance Computing (DCHPC2024), which will take place in Tehran from 14th to 15th May 2024.

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Snake: A Variable-length Chain-based Prefetching Mechanism for GPUsSingle Talk1402/06/22 Poster
Analyzing and Mitigating Microbursts in Datacenter NetworksSingle Talk1402/05/18 Poster
10th IPM International Conference on Fundamentals of Software EngineeringConference1402/02/14 http://fsen.ir/2023/
Layer-Aware Containerized Service Orchestration in Edge NetworksSingle Talk1401/12/03 Poster
چهارمين كنفرانس ملي انفورماتيك ايرانConference1401/10/14 https://cs.ipm.ac.ir/nic/1401/
Financial Risk Analysis using Quantum ComputingSingle Talk1401/08/04 Poster
Deductive Commonsense Reasoning over Natural LanguageSingle Talk1401/07/27
Extending the Last Level Cache Capacity in GPU Systems Using Idle GPU Core ResourcesSingle Talk1401/07/20 Poster
Explainability of Deep Neural Networks using Fuzzy SystemsSingle Talk1401/06/30 Poster
A Precharge-Free DRAM StructureSingle Talk1401/06/23 Poster

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