I am a post-doctoral researcher in the School of Computer Science at Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) since September 2015.

My research interests include Complex adaptive systems and Computational neuroscience, Network Science.

Journal Papers:
  • M. Zare,,J. Usefie-Mafahim, A. Tozzi, A.A. Benasich, Underrated Aspects of Brain-To-Brain Interface Games, In preparation (2015)

  • A. Tozzi, J. Karbol, J. M. Peters, M. Zare, D. Papo, From Entropies to Probabilities: Toward a Reverse Approach to Physical and Biological Activity, Under review , Physica A. (2015)

  • M. Zare,Z. Rezvani, A.A. Benasich, Automatic Classification of 6-month-old Infants at Familial Risk for Language-based Learning Disorder Using a Support Vector Machine, Under review, Clinical Neurophysiology (2015)

  • A. Tozzi, M. Zare, A.A. Benasich,4. A. Tozzi, M. Zare, A.A. Benasich, Spontaneous Brain Activity and dynamic Networks: Energy Matters, Under Review, Computational Neuroscience, (2015)

  • J. Usefie Mafahim, D. Lambert, M. Zare, P. Grigolini, Complexity Matching in Neural networks, New Journal of Physics. 01/2015; 17:1-18. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/17/1/015003 (2015)

  • P. Grigolini, M. zare, A. Svenkeson , B. J. West, Criticality in Neural Systems, Niebur E,Plenz D, Schuster HG. (eds.) John Wiley &Sons. ISBN:78-3-527-41104-7(2014)

  • M. Zare, P. Grigolini, Criticality and Avalanches in Neural Networks, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 55, 80-94 (2013)

  • M. Zare, P. Grigolini, Cooperation in Neural Systems: Bridging Complexity and Periodicity, Phys.Rev E. 86, 051918 (2012)

  • M. Zare, M. Neghabi, M. Noormohamady, H. Gholizadeh, Introduction to Dry Nanotechnology, Arasteh, ISBN: 964-8798-10-9(2005)

Conference Papers:
  • M. Zare, M. Turalska, P. Grigolini, Phase transition and Self-Organized criticality in the brain, APS meeting, Baltimore, MD, March (2013)

  • M. Zare, Y. Rostovsev, Analytical Solution for 3D Stationary Schrodinger equation: application to scattering, APS meeting, Orange County, CA, June (2012)

  • M. Zare, J. Usefie Mafahim, Cross section of non-relativistic Bremsstrahlung radiation in dispersive and absorbing medium, APS meeting, Atlanta, GA, June (2011)

  • P. Nukala, M. Zare, P. Gali, U. Philipose, Transport Measurements on Sb Doped Silicon Nanowires, APS meeting, Dallas, TX, March (2011)

  • M. Zare, J. Usefie Mafahim, A. R. Hajian,Magnetic nanoparticles impact on cancer cells in treatment by Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia(MFH), 1th National Congress of Biomaterial & Nanotechnology, Najaf Abad, Iran, April (2009)

  • مرضيه زارع، ،جواد يوسفي مفاهيم، عليرضا حاجيانبررسي تاثيرنانو ذرات مغناطيسي بروي تومورهاي سرطاني در درمان به شيوه شار مغناطيسي، اولين همايش ملي نانو مواد و نانوتکنولوژي، دانشگاه ازاد اسلامي، واحد نجف آباد، ارديبهشت (1388)

  • مرضیه زارع,جواد یوسفی, مفاهیم، تابش ترمزی غیرنسبیتی در حضور دی الکتریک جاذب و مغناطیده، شانزدهمین کنفرانس اپتیک و فوتونیک ایران، یزد، بهمن (1388)

Marzieh Zare

Mail: School of Computer Science, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran, Iran, P.O. Box 19538.
Email: marziehzare AT ipm DOT ir