Please read the following information on registration process before proceeding to register for the conference.

The registration fees are listed in the following table. Note that for each accepted paper at least one full registration (non-student) is required.

  IEEE & IEEE Society / ACM / EuroMicro / CSI /CPSSI Members*Others
Before March 10After March 10Before March 10After March 10
400 Euro-500 Euro-
1,000,000 Tomans-1,200,000 Tomans-
Students150 Euro200 Euro200 Euro250 Euro
Non-Students300 Euro400 Euro400 Euro500 Euro
Students150,000 Tomans250,000 Tomans250,000 Tomans400,000 Tomans
Non-Students300,000 Tomans400,000 Tomans400,000 Tomans500,000 Tomans

Payment Method:
Mellat Bank (Sharif U. Branch) Account Number: 867 693 1311
SHABA Number: IR3901 2001 0000 0086 7693 1311
Account Holders: علی موقر رحیم‌آبادی و علیرضا اجلالی

Also note that:

  • An author is considered as international if he/she is affiliated with an institution outside of Iran.
  • Up to four additional pages may be purchased for 80 Euros per page for international authors and 150,000 Tomans for domestic ones (i.e., a total page limit of 12 pages).
  • Your registration will allow you to attend the conference sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, and the conference dinner. Regular registration also includes the conference bag including a copy of conference proceedings.
  • Your registration must be received by March 10 to ensure your paper(s) being included in the conference proceedings. (Also, it should be noted that only papers which have been presented in the symposium will be published in the symposium proceedings)
  • Please send a photo or scanned copy of the payment’s receipt to
  • No refunds will be made, irrespective of cancellation reason.

* Any document confirming your IEEE/ACM/EuroMicro/CSI/CPSSI regular or student membership must be emailed along with payment receipt.
** International attendees who may not be able to pay the registration fees through bank transfer (for any reason), can pay on-site at the registration desk.
*** We encourage domestic attendees to join CPSSI to be eligible for discounted registration fees.